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2023 Valentines Improvement Registration Special!

Been thinking of submitting your high quality draft or draft cross to ASHDA? Now's the time, thanks to ASHDA's first ever Valentine's Improvement Special! From February 1st to February 28th, 2023, registration for mares and stallions submitted for the Improvement (I) designation can enjoy HALF-PRICE registration fees!

What is an ASHDA Improvement Horse?

An ASHDA Improvement Horse is a stallion or mare registered in the ASHDA Main Book under the "I" designation. Traditionally, this is a horse from completely Non-ASHDA breeding- although we have had some generational Improvement registrations. An Improvement registered horse has all the same rights as any other Main Book horse, and may produce registered Main Book or Heritage foals, show in ASHDA's Open Show or Virtual Show programs, log Ambassador points, and take advantage of any other breed promotional programs such as our social media spotlights, stallion boulevard, and more! Even if you don't intend to produce ASHDA foals for yourself, access to our show systems, and an additional market for stallion services, and a secondary Heritage registration option for qualified foals may be of interest to you!

What Horses Qualify?

While qualifying for ASHDA registration takes more than just being a certain breed, here are some basic guidelines to follow. All horses submitted must meet genetic testing, pedigree, non-LP white, and conformational requirements as scored against our breed standard. All horses must be a minimum of 4 years old by birthdate to submit.

Approved Registered Draft Breeds

Percheron (PHAOA or affiliate)
Belgian Draft (BELGCORP or affiliate)
Shire (SHIRE or affiliate)
Clydesdale (CBUSA or affiliate)
Suffolk Punch (NASHA or affiliate)

Grades and Crossbreeds

Unregistered purebreds of the above breeds may also be considered for ASHDA Improvement, although they are judged on a slightly more stringent metric against our breed standard. Full draft crosses of the above breeds may also be considered.

Draft cross horses which are 50-99% draft may also be considered for Improvement, but can only be comprised of Allowable breeds, which include the above draft breeds and the following light breeds:

Quarter Horse

At this time, the Appaloosa, and its composite breeds are the only acceptable Light Horse blood accepted into the ASHDA Main Book. The Stonewall Sport Horse may also be an acceptable applicant for ASHDA's Improvement program for the pedigree requirement, so long as minimum draft percentage of 50% is met, and pedigree is comprised only of ASHDA Allowable breeds.

Genetic Testing Requirements

ASHDA requires N/N test results based on breed makeup in order to be considered for the ASHDA Improvement book. The test requirements are as follows:
Registered Percheron, Shire, and Clydesdale: N/N for PSSM1

Registered Belgian Draft and Suffolk Punch: N/N for PSSM1 and JEB1

Grades or Crossbreeds:N/N for PSSM1, HYPP, GBED, MH, HERDA, IMM, and JEB1

White Limitations

ASHDA does not accept horses with Non-LP body white past the throatlatch, gaskin, or mid-point of the knee and elbow in excess of 6inches at the widest point.


Horses which are known or suspected to be grey will be denied.


All incoming applicant horses, regardless of breed makeup, are to be scored against the ASHDA Breed Standard by method of photographic inspection. Please stand your horse, untacked except for a halter or bridle, on a level, firm surface such as a road or cement pad. You will need to photograph each side in an open stance. The front and back of the horse will be photographed standing square. The entire horse must be visible in each photo. Horses with heavy feathering may need to be clipped in order to properly discern leg conformation. If you need examples of how to properly set up your photos, ASHDA is more than happy to provide reference photos!


LP ("Appaloosa") coat patterning is not required for submission, and offers no additional consideration over a solid horse that is equal in every other way. It is simply a nice bonus when it occurs!


ASHDA recognizes that, especially with grade and crossbred horses, our honor system may be taken advantage of. However, the presence of non-ASHDA approved breeds, or fully disallowed breeds, can result in the removal of breeding rights, or removal of registration from any horse which is discovered to carry disqualifying blood. Let it be known that the following horses which are known or suspected to be the following are fully disallowed from ASHDA in any regard, including in the production of qualifying ASHDA Heritage foals:

Gypsy Cob/Vanner
Drum Horse
Tinker Horse
Sendera Draft
American White Draft
North American Spotted Draft
Any Grey regardless of breed
Any horse outside our White Limitations regardless of breed


For this promotion, prices for ASHDA Members ($15 per year), is only $75, and for Non-members is only $155, which is 50% off of the usual pricing!

Get Started!

If you are ready to start the process, please email our Registrar at to begin!