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There are many reasons to join the ranks of ASHDA as a member. For the remainder of the 2014 year, especially, we will be offering many perks to those who join!

Having a current ASHDA Membership allows you to get discounts when registering, approving or transferring horses, making everything from large-scale breeding to hobby owning a little more affordable. Members can compete in, and win awards through, our Open Show system and our Saddle Log. Members can also apply for ASHDA Judges Cards. A current member also has a vote when elections for directors come up and can bring issues and suggestions to the BOD and staff for helping to improve the registry.

Along with all of these, members also get one free year-long classified on the website that can be applied to either a sale horse or a stallion ad and can also be listed for free in our member directory! Members also are sent current editions of our newsletter and receive email updates whenever there is important news! Until the end of the 2014 year, all registrations will result in a free membership and anyone with a current SDHR membership will also be awarded a free ASHDA membership.

So, what are you waiting for? Join ASHDA today!