ASHDA Online Studbook

The ASHDA online Studbook is a comprehensive list showing the horses registered or Approved with ASHDA. Before purchasing or breeding to a horse, please be sure they are listed here. The stud book is updated regularly. Horses in Italics are deceased.

Approved Crosses

Registration Name Year Parentage Sex Description
AC*00001 Colida SkipNTwist 1995 Colida Flyin Star (ApHC) x Skip The Candy (ApHC) Stallion Grullo Blanket
AC*00002 Colida TwistOlena 2002 Colida SkipNTwist (AC/ApHC/SSB) x Chick Olena (ApHC) Stallion Bay Snowcap
AC*00003 Heza Docolida 2007 Colida SkipNTwist (AC/ApHC/SSB) x Chick Olena (ApHC) Stallion Black Snowcap
AC*00004 Colidas Dunbonnet 1994 Colida Flyin Star(ApHC) x Skips Sierra Gold (ApHC) Mare Chestnut Snowflake
AC*00005 Olympics Dove 2005 CFS Olympic Hope (ApHC) x SS Sabrina Ria (ApHC) Mare Bay Leopard Roan
AC*00006 KCF Olympic Dream 2005 CFS Olympic Hope (ApHC) x HW Dream Station (ApHC) Mare Bay Leopard
AC*00007 Zippin Kelo 2009 Zippo Zanzadude (ApHC) x Kelos Little Kiss (ApHC) Stallion Black Fewspot
AC*00008 Wisconsin's Faith 2004 Loco Chief (ApHC) x Big Bill (Belg/QH) Mare Chestnut Varnish
AC*00009 Wisconsin's Hope 2006 Nuggets Blazen Hand (ApHC) x Wisconsin's Faith (AC) Mare Bay Fewspot
AC*00010 Violet Shadow's Denver Morning 2004 Windermere's Sonny (PHAA) x Dollie (PHAA) Gelding (Stallion at time of Approval) Black
AC*00011 Sedona's Vortexa Hope 2004 Unknown (App) x Unknown (App) Mare Bay Leopard Roan
AC*00012 Twisted Heiress 2006 Colida SkipNTwist (AC/ApHC/SSB) x Joker's Heiress (ApHC) Mare Red Dun Leopard
AC*00013 EC MsThunderRustler 2004 Two Hawks Thunder (ApHC) x Rustlers Accident (ApHC) Mare Black Blanket
AC*00014 PC Bellarina 2013 Platinum Cowboy (ApHC) x Spiders Success (ApHC) Mare Cremello Snowcap
AC*00015 Iron Lion Bright Fetish 2001 Rio Mesa Chief (ApHC) x Rios Margarita (ApHC) Mare Chestnut Snowcap
AC*00016 Nutter's Hocus Pocus 2000 Unknown (App) x Unknown (App) Mare Chestnut Leopard
AC*00017 PapaJoeLena 2002 Lenas Sugarman (AQHA) x Catty N Classy (AQHA) Mare Chestnut
AC*00018 Mosie Elan 2004 Wander (KFPS) x Alma K (KFPS) Mare Black
AC*00019 Petronell 1997 Warn (KFPS) x Tricia (KFPS) Mare Black
AC*00020 Dotty 2012 Dreams Special Flair (ApHC) x Allie (App) Mare Bay Leopard
AC*00021 Stonewall Ultima 2002 The Ulltimate (ApHC) x My Happiness Lena (ApHC) Mare Bay Fewspot
AC*00022 Rush River's Mariah 2004 Windermere's Goliath (PHAA) x S.M. Nimbus (PHAA) Mare Black
AC*00023 Rockin Mighty Hard 2004 Lads Cobalt Prince (ApHC) x Sidney Gal (ApHC) Stallion Chestnut Fewspot
AC*00024 S AN R Classy Chic 2013 PSR Sonseray Sun (ApHC) x S AN R Sweet Dunit (ApHC) Mare Buckskin Blanket Roan
AC*00025 Ollicuts Cherry Fizz 2011 Ulrichs Ollicut (ApHC) x Smokey Wonderlady (ApHC) Mare Chestnut Snowcap
AC*00026 St George's Zombie Magic 2008 Goudeau's Belle Crossfields St. George (ASHA) x Colijas Magic Penny (ApHC) Mare Bay Leopard Roan
AC*00027 Miss Wapiti Queen 2000 Mighty Toos Echo (ApHC) x Queen For a Day (ApHC) Mare Champagne Snowcap
AC*00030 Kydnapped Aspen Moon 2001 HQH Kydnapped (AQHA) x Eagle Moon at Six (AQHA) Mare Palomino
AC*00031 Skandababe 2006 Skandabear (Knab) x Apple (App) Mare Chestnut Snowcap
AC*00032 Brown Sugar Jet 1997 Classic Jet (ApHC) x Topaz Jet (AQHA) Mare Bay Varnish
AC*00033 Wisconsin's Sassy Girl 2012 Dream's Special Flair (ApHC) x Allie (App) Mare Chestnut Leopard
AC*00034 Stonewall Scarlett 1996 Stonewall Rebel (SSB) x Stonewall Crystal (SSB) Mare Bay Leopard
AC*00035 Joker's Golden Angel 2012 Joker's Golden Boy (ASHDA) x Rose Hill Cream of Wheat Bess (ACDHA) Mare Champagne
AC*00036 Par Wakons Prizjewel 2005 Wakons Wonder Eagle (ApHC) x YOR Highly Prized (ApHC) Mare Palomino Leopard
AC*00037 Stonewall Fantasia 2005 Ambrosius Af Asgard (KNN) x Stonewall Scarlett (ASHDA AC) Mare Black Fewspot
AC*00038 Yes Indeed 2008 Unknown (App) x Unknown (App) Mare Bay Leopard
AC*00039 Colida Twisted Lace 2003 Colida SkipNTwist (ApHC) x Sassy Eagle (ApHC) Mare Bay Blanket
AC*00040 Cook's Rose's Legacy 2007 Whiskey Acre's Bonspiel (CBUSA) x Twin Creek Rambling Rose (CBUSA) Mare Bay
AC*00041 Wakons Snow Leopard 2002 Still Max (ApHC) x Wakons LacyBritches (ApHC) Stallion Black Leopard
AC*00042 L.D.'s Legacee Vawn 2014 L.D.'s Prince Legacy (PHAA) x L.D.'s Donovan's Queen (PHAA) Mare Black
AC*00043 CCA Holly's Hercules 2006 Bar Y's Cool Nick (PHAA) x Spencer's Holly Stallion Black