Improvement Horses

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In order to help expand the genepool and bring in desired draft traits, we have opened the limited Improvement section of registry. Improvement horses are drafts, or draft crosses, with conformation close to our breed ideal. Horses coming into the Improvement section of the registry should be balanced, free of genetic defects and preferably registered with one of our recognized outcross breeds. However, for a horse of outstanding conformation and desired traits such as LP expression, we are willing to make allowances as long as there are no other faults.

Improvement horses have all the rights of any other ASHDA registered horse, they can compete and win awards through ASHDA, represent the breed and breed forward with the intent of producing a quality Sugarbush Harlequin Draft foal. Horses registered as Improvement stock are designated with an "I" on their papers, and crossed with another "I", or with a "E", Main Book, Approved Cross or Heritage stallion with enough draft percentage, will produce a Main Book foal. All applying Improvement horses will be conformationally scored and must have appropriate genetic testing completed before registration.

The Improvement program will only be open until December 31, 2014. If you wish to apply for registration, now is the time!