The History Gallery is where you can find pictures helping to showcase the back story to this American breed. The Sugarbush Hitch Company was only the beginning of this amazing breed, but what a fine beginning it was!

Sugarbush Hitch Company Mares and Foals, owned by Everett Smith The Sugarbush Hitch Company at work The late, great Sugarbush Harley Quinne, owned by Everett Smith Sugarbush Felina del Noche, dam of Sugarbush Harley Quinn Stonewall Rascal, sire of Sugarbush Harley Quinn bred by Mike Muir and now owned by Trinity Appaloosa Farm Sugarbush Harley's Classic O as a foal, bred by Everett Smith and owned by Rebecca Buck Sugarbush Harley's Classic O with breeder Everett Smith