Territory 4 Director

Why hello! My name is Autumn Beck, I’ve been involved with horses for 20+ years, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest equestrians and given the opportunity to ride some of the most amazing horses along the way. I’ve enjoyed everything from 4-h to competing in a variety of different disciplines, earning high honors, with many great accomplishments over the years. I have always been thankful and appreciative of those who have bestowed their knowledge upon me, even spent many of those years taking lessons from the rudest of colts but I do owe my father the most recognition for letting me be a kid, chasing her horse dreams.

Before ASHDA, we fell in love with a fairy tale horse lost to history of a recovering breed. Always checking online and searching for a someday until years later we were finally able to have our own!

Currently i’ve been a member with ASHDA since 2016 and since 2017 I’ve been the director in Territory 4 of our ASHDA region. My goal is to help preserve and present this magnificent breed and all they have to offer. From clean genetics and strict ethics. Yet, I have never been more impressed with a young horse, who everyday achieves greatness and does it with such finesse like an old pro. We are the proud owners of Wisconsin’s Spotted Miracle - 2018 Overall High Point Champion & bred by Got Spots Farm, WI.