Ambassador's Program

ASHDA is supported by an amazing group of people who go out of their way to promote our breed and help us succeed in growing. Because of this, we are giving back to them through our Ambassador Recognition Awards Program!

When a registered ASHDA horse attends an expo to promote the breed, is featured on a nationally televised broadcast, is spotlighted in a magazine or national newspaper or promotes the breed on another similar national platform, they will be rewarded! Every time your horse reaches a new tier in this program, you will be sent a certificate from ASHDA and have your horse permanently listed on this page for his accomplishments!

Our tiered system is as follows:

Bronze Ambassador - Has Promoted ASHDA 3 Times

Silver Ambassador - Has Promoted ASHDA 7 Times

Golden Ambassador - Has Promoted ASHDA 13 Times

Diamond Ambassador/Hall of Fame - Has Promoted ASHDA 25 Times

A horse who has reached the Diamond Ambassador level will be automatically inducted into the American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Hall of Fame

ASHDA Horses will receive a point towards their next tier of recognition every time they promote the breed on a large scale. Some examples that would count are: Attending Breyerfest as an ASHDA breed demo horse, being featured on RFD-TV, having an article about your horse published in a magazine such as Draft Horse Journal, having a run of model horses of your horse done by a company such as Breyer or Peter Stone. Self Promotion events do not count, such as horse shows or expos attended where the horse was not actively promoting ASHDA. Likewise, social media spotlights like Facebook articles are not counted.

To submit an event or appearance for a point on your ASHDA horse's lifetime Ambassador's Record please Contact the Registrar or Executive Director.

Silver Ambassadors

Sugarbush Harley's Classic O

Reg #: E-00003
Sire: Sugarbush Harley Quinne (ASHDA)
Dam: William's Jewel (PHAA)
Owner: Rebecca Buck
Breeder: Everett Smith

Stonewall Rascal

Reg #: E-00001
Sire: Stonewall Showmaster (PHAA)
Dam: Stonewall Baby Jane (SSB)
Owners: Tracy Meisenbach and Bron Stark
Breeder: Michael Muir


Reg #: E-00079
Sire: Sugarbush Harley's Classic O (ASHDA)
Dam: HexenHammer (ASHDA)
Owner: Morgan Reeves
Breeder: Bron Stark


Reg #: I-00055
Sire: Amigos Black Ice (ApHC)
Dam: First Thunder's Keyu (PHAA)
Owner: Bron Stark
Breeder: Julie Kenyon

Oberon de Fermes Boisvert

Reg #: #-00067
Sire: Zippin Kelo (ApHC/AC)
Dam: Rush River's Mariah(PHAA/AC)
Owner: Mary Boisvert
Breeder: Mary Boisvert

Bronze Ambassadors

He'za Big O Texas Star

Reg #: E-00009
Sire: Sugarbush Harley's Classic O (ASHDA)
Dam: Classic Dark Godiva (ASHDA)
Owner: Stephanie Adame
Breeder: Stephanie Adame

LLF Double Down

Reg #: E-00006
Sire: Rustlin Eagle (ApHC)
Dam: Sugarbush Harley's Balou (ASHDA)
Owner At Time of Award: Heather Crispin
Breeder: Heather Crispin

Wisconsin's Spotted Rebel

Reg #: #-00030
Sire: Carpsdale Midnight Andy (PHAA)
Dam: Wisconsin's Hope (ASHDA AC)
Owner at Time of Award: Becky Jones
Breeder: Becky Jones

DJH Thor of Hopehaven

Reg #: #00020
Sire: Jabbo
Dam: DJH Xena Warrior Princess
Owner: Dorinda Hennings
Breeder: Dorinda Hennings

Lady Conda Leezza

Reg #: #00066
Sire: Majestic Eros (ASHDA)
Dam: Petronell (ASHDA AC)
Owner: Crystal Keenan
Breeder: Crystal Keenan

Daisy's Chief Dane

Reg #: #00058
Sire: EC Chief FourEagles (ApHC)
Dam: Daisy (Grade Draft)
Owner: Monnie Goetz
Breeder: CJ Neal


Reg #: E-00079
Sire: Sugarbush Harley's Classic O (ASHDA)
Dam: Hexenhammer (ASHDA)
Owner: Bron Stark
Breeder: Bron Stark

TDD's TexasPralinesNCream

Reg #: #-00116
Sire: BJC Jokers White Russian (ASHDA)
Dam: Classic Dark Godiva (ASHDA)
Owner: Morgan Reeves
Breeder: Stephanie Adame