Want to be a part of our Trail Log or Open Show Competition? Download the necessary applications on our Forms page!

Want to bring glory and prestige to your, and your horse's, good name? ASHDA has our own Futurity, Open Show and Trail Log systems and we'd like you to be a part of them!

ASHDA Show Results

Want to see the results of ASHDA's previous competitions and other show results? Check out our Show Results page! It lists Year End awards, Lifetime Awards and ASHDA virtual show results!

ASHDA Photo Shows

ASHDA is hosting photo shows a few times a year! Conformation, Liberty, Riding and Fun classes are available for each of our registry divisions. Classes will be super affordable and fun. Be sure to brush up on our rulebook to make sure your equipment is ASHDA legal, and check out the Photo Show page for rules and information!

ASHDA Video Futurity

The ASHDA Fall Video Futurity is the first ASHDA-specific ring of competition, open only to registered horses. It is hosted during the fall of each year, and can be done from the comfort of home! In order to compete, ASHDA registered horses are videoed both in hand and at liberty and the videos are submitted for judging. ASHDA rewards the top 6 placings in each class with rosettes, and an overall Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion take home additional prizes! Learn more on our Futurity page!

ASHDA-CAP, Open Show System

ASHDA-CAP is a program designed to promote the American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft horse in open competition by recognizing and awarding American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft horses for excelling in all-breed competition. All ASHDA registered horses are eligible to compete and earn points and awards, regardless of category of registration. "E", Main Book, Improvement and Hardship horses compete in the main section of ASHDA-CAP, with the Heritage horses having their own category. For a breakdown of all rules, fees, the point system and everything else concerning ASHDA-CAP, please see a current edition of the ASHDA Rulebook and follow this year's scoreboard on our ASHDA-CAP page!

ASHDA Saddle Log

This system recognizes the need for personal achievement for the individual who daily or weekly enjoys the benefits gained from riding whether it be on the trails, training for and competing in shows, parades, ranch work, etc. On an honor system, each rider will keep his or her saddle log time or actual hours spent riding. The rider is not required to own the horse(s) ridden, but all horses used must be registered American Sugarbush Harlequin Drafts. All registration designations are eligible. All types of riding are eligible, including, but not limited to, trail riding, training, pleasure riding, showing, riding lesson, parades, expos, etc. The riding time is to be kept on an official log sheet provided by and available from ASHDA. Any type of riding counts. Awards will be given for successful completion of 100, 200, 500, 1000 and each 1000-hour plateau thereafter for hours ridden. All log sheets must be completed by the participant and submitted to the ASHDA when an award level is reached or when the log sheet is complete; whichever comes first.