Heritage Registration

Have a horse with an ASHDA registered parent or grandparent? Your horse may qualify for Heritage registry! Heritage is for horses under 50% draft or who have a non-registered/approved parent or a parent from a breed we do not recognize as an outcross. We know that sometimes personal reasons for breeding don't always match up with registry rules, and we'd still like to offer those horses a place in our registry books! Heritage horses with outstanding conformation and who are genetically clear may even be Approved to cross back into the Main Book, provided they do not carry any undesirable breeds in their pedigrees and meet all the requirements for Main Book Approval.

Horses descended from registered ASHDA (and in certain cases, SSB) horses can qualify for Heritage and are designated with an "H" in front of their registration number. Heritage horses have their own competition and participation categories in our Open Show, Virtual Show, and Saddle Log programs and can collect points and log hours for end the year prizes.

If you think you have a horse that may qualify for Heritage registration, please contact the registrar!